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Whilest time flies, apps don't. At least, time flies when you're making an app - as in this is fun! - but it doesn't when you try and submit the apps to the different App Stores. And of course the Apple iTunes store is the worst. It can take a full day just to submit an app - including making sure you have all the correct splash-images and app-icons and screenshots for a zillion different screenformats. Definitly the absolute worst part of the whole app development path. And then when the app has been submitted, you never know what the store submission result will be. Is it OK, is something missing (despite having meticously made sure nothing can be missed - though sometimes there are hidden stuff you only see after they have changed the submission rules), how long will it take. Anyways, two new apps are ready for this adventure - cross your fingers and toes for us, then we'll let you know when all's well!

Also see for more on this.

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